Tom McNeill ADR

Exclusively Devoted to the Cause of Resolution

I established Tom McNeill ADR to pursue, full time, my vocation, avocation and dedication to the cause of dispute resolution, conducted from an independent platform, as a neutral, without the matter intake limitations of a “big firm.”

After four decades of trial and litigation experience, I envisioned a different way to make a difference.

As a mediator and arbitrator, I am able to serve business owners and decision-makers, and their counsel, in concluding complex business disputes, earlier, more efficiently and less expensively than in protracted litigation.


39 Years of Trial & Litigation Experience

Over the course of more than 1,000 litigation matters, I have built relationships of trust and respect with judges and lawyers, developed warrior and peacemaker skills, and influenced and contributed to positive and reasonable outcomes. I have deep empathy for business people imperiled by and embroiled in litigation.

Having successfully waged litigation, as mediator and arbitrator I bring to conflict resolution a unique combination of business acumen, trial, courtroom and “stand-up” lawyering experience and expertise in more than thirty specialized areas of business litigation.

Rooted in this career experience, I am able to assist parties understand the full range of litigation and business risk, so they can exercise self-determination in a litigation process they cannot completely control to make wise decisions about outcomes in their case.



As mediator, I focus on building trust with clients and counsel. I fully engage client decision makers as the single most important factor in a successful mediation.


As arbitrator, I adjudicate to fast-paced schedules and absolute merit-based awards, without “compromise” outcomes — a crucial difference from the mediation paradigm.

I care about fair and reasonable outcomes, based on the facts, the witnesses, the documents, and the law.

Tom McNeill ADR

My Mission

As an adjunct to the litigation process, mediation is often the best/preferred outcome for the client. Most business clients do not want to litigate for a year, two years or more, followed by appeals and then maybe going back to the trial court to do it all again. Not many clients can commit to or endure the expense, emotion and stress of protracted litigation.

As an alternative to the litigation process, arbitration provides a faster, more efficient, less expensive venue for merits based adjudication, by an arbitrator with extensive trial and litigation experience in exactly that kind of case, your case.

After four decades of hard fought and won litigation, I decided it was time to apply my skill set, 100%, in the solution and resolution space.

At the beginning of 2023, I opened Tom McNeill ADR.

I look forward to working with your business and litigation team.